Web Designer vs Web Developer What You Need To Know

Apr 04 2019
As technology advances, many people in business, corporations and school find the need to access the internet for various reasons, thus make websites essential. Therefore, for you to create that website that will satisfy your clients’ needs, you will need to hire both or either a web designer or web developer. For this reason, it is important to know the difference between the two. Web designers and web developers are both in the same line of work, which is creating websites. They are known to work together most of the time and thus seem to be more complementary than competitive. However, their skills and specializations are very different.

The Differences


The difference between web designers and developers begins with their definition. Web designers are persons that begin the website creation process by focusing on the user experience and usability; meaning that they target audience behavior while creating websites. They rely on their imagination and intuition to achieve their goals. As the web designers focus on the look of the websites, the web developers are responsible for the backbone. They create the code that supports the websites. Since they deal with detailed facts and specifics, they must think logically and have technical ability.


Since web designers are responsible for the visual part of your website, they utilize graphics and graphic design software to ensure that the websites acquire the desired look. Their tools include photoshop, adobe, sketch, Mockplus, UXPin, and illustrator. On the other hand, the web developers create the website backbone using coding tools such as JavaScript, CSS, HTML, JQuery.


As mentioned earlier, the web designers rely on their intuition and imagination. Therefore, alongside all other personality traits that each may have, they must all be artistic and creative. On the contrary, as the web developers deal with specifics and facts, they have to be analytical to avoid mistakes that could cause issues on the website.


As you look for these professionals to create your website, you must know how to differentiate between the two when conducting interviews. When it comes to hiring web designers, what matters most is their portfolio. Therefore, ensure to look at their Behance or Dribble profiles as you interview them. On the other hand, you will need to see the coding of the web developers. Their Github profiles are what will give you a clear understanding of their coding level and thus dictate if they are worth keeping in your organization. In conclusion, both web designers and developers play indispensable roles in the creation of websites. Therefore, you will probably have to hire both. Also, despite that they seem different; you might find professionals that have both skills. So if you are working with a tight budget while outsourcing these services, it is advisable to hire such persons due to cost-effectiveness. However, ensure that their skills are excellent to avoid regrets. While conducting the interviews, it is advisable to test their skills at that moment. This will save you the disappointment of dealing with deception.

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