WooCommerce Performance Optimization: 8 Tips and Best Practices

Dec 08 2021

Optimizing your WooCommerce implementation is very important if you want to ensure your customers have a smooth experience. Achieving the best performance optimization is not always the easiest thing to achieve, but it will provide some great results. Here are some tips and tricks to boost the WooCommerce performance today.

Optimize the WooCommerce settings

WooCommerce performance - Optimize the settings

You want to enable the AJAX add to cart buttons on archives and include a unique ID under the placeholder image. Enable reviews and disable product ratings if possible.

Purchase WooCommerce optimized hosting

The reason you want to do that is because it helps improve the WooCommerce speed and the overall server stability. You can remove any performance issues, and that can help enhance your WooCommerce performance.

Install a proper theme and cache your site

Installing a great theme will help enhance performance and remove slowdowns. Ideally, you want to use WordPress caching plugins, as these will help speed up your website as well.

Optimize your image delivery and display

Images can end up eating a low of bandwidth as they are loading. Which is why a recommended approach here is to pick the right image dimension, 800 x 800 px can be a great option. Also, use a CD+N if you can. This will help use a server close to you in order to load up everything, and that can be incredibly helpful. Use the right amount of images and the best format. PNG takes a lot of time to load, so JPG for example is a much better option.

Study and analyze the most important web vitals

Things like time to first byte, speed index, first input delay, largest contentful paint or first contentful paint are all crucial. This way you will know exactly what to pursue, what can be improve and how to achieve that.

Ensure that your website code is very well optimized

Optimizing the website code is a crucial idea, and it can help quite a bit. This way you can enhance performance, remove any unnecessary characters and the experience can be a very good one.

Update WooCommerce often

Keeping WooCommerce updated helps with performance optimization, it removes bugs and it also prevents any security issues. That’s why updating your WooCommerce is crucial, and you always need to stay up to date here.

Study the customer journey

It’s crucial to assess the customer journey and figure out what your customers expect. Offering them a simpler way to reach the checkout process and lowering the number of steps can be a great idea. You also want to add upsells, as those can make the process a whole lot easier.

We recommend studying and implementing these tips if you want to have the best performance optimization for WooCommerce. It’s always important to take your time, insert the right solutions and focus on success. It takes a lot of trial and error to make it work, and with the right benefits the potential can be incredible. We recommend using these WooCommerce performance optimization tips if you’re looking to offer customers a better, more cohesive eCommerce website that can fulfill their needs!

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