What Is Trustpilot – and Can You Trust Their Reviews?

Nov 05 2021

As you may know, customer reviews play an important role in helping people find products, services, and brands that interest them. Trustpilot is one of many platforms that can help facilitate this process by collecting and publishing business data and opinions.

In this article, we’ll delve into what a Trustpilot is and whether its reviews are reliable. It also provides some tips to help both customers and brands get the most out of this platform.

What is a Trustpilot?

Simply put, Trustpilot is a third-party customer review site. It’s very similar to Yelp in that it provides easy-to-read statistics about business customer satisfaction and comprehensive reviews from individual buyers.

You can search for brand and product reviews for free on Trustpilot. Just enter a keyword in the search bar on the home page.

If you’re looking for the best of a particular type of product instead of commenting on a particular item, you can use the browse category button. In any case, Trustpilot returns a list of related brands.

When you visit the page of the brand you’re interested in, you’ll probably first see its overall star rating at the top.

You’ll also see a breakdown of your company’s star ratings and a section on business transparency. This only appears if the brand claims a Trustpilot profile. This tells you if your company encourages reviews, responds to negative comments, and is worth accessing additional features of the platform.

You can scroll down to read a specific review.

Customers written at the company’s request will have a guest tag next to their name. This means that the brand has submitted a link to the Trustpilot review submission form after the purchase is complete.

Trustpilot is free to use, but you need to create an account to view or claim your business profile. Brands also have the option to pay for additional features such as advanced analytics and access to marketing assets.

Can you trust the Trustpilot reviews? The simple answer is yes. “Trustpilot reviews are reliable. With over 111 million reviews and over 10 years of experience, it’s a fairly legitimate platform. However, if you search for active brands on your site, you’ll probably find the most valuable reviews. It’s also important to note that most customers take time to write a review only if they have an overwhelmingly positive or negative experience.

For example, if you’re looking for a reputable retailer, most reviews can be negative.

In the screenshot above, you can also see that Target did not request your profile and did not respond to customer feedback. It’s an established business that many people trust, but their reviews don’t reflect that (not because of the trustpilot).

On the other hand, many small online businesses that maintain a positive presence on the site have reviews that help them profile. Please note that the product type and the seller’s investment in reviews on this platform can affect the accuracy of the results.

How to see fake reviews on Trustpilot

Just as most blogs receive spam comments, all review platforms attract false posts. If you are using Trustpilot to determine if it is worth investing in a particular product or service, there are some warning signs to keep in mind.

First, click the Show Detailed Overview button in the Business Transparency section of the profile you’re viewing. This will show you some facts about your brand’s reviews.

Also see the New Review section with a star rating. If you have a month with an unusually high number of reviews other than the screenshots here, be careful and continue.

Also note the company review resources on this page. You can filter the star rating spread to see only organic answers. In other words. Unsolicited review:

Of course, the requested reviews are not always false or less reliable than organic reviews. However, a one-sided review can mean that the customer is very convinced of the brand in question. If you suspect a particular review (rather than the entire profile), check with the reviewer. Of course, a profile picture or an unnamed account is less legitimate than a full profile.

Similarly, reviewers can look at other reviews to see if they are paid for a particular comment. If they are all for one company, or a few companies in the same niche, proceed with caution.

Finally, look for bad grammar or vague general answers like “Fantastic!”. Or there is no detail on why “excellent service!” Critics like the product or brand. This may indicate an incorrect automatic bot transmission.

You can report suspicious reviews by clicking the flag icon in the lower right corner.

However, for really bad posts, we encourage you to discuss this action. Also, brands that are active on the platform may already be monitoring reviews and marking people who violate the rules of Trustpilot .

How can Trustpilot help your business?

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, consumers often use third-party review sites to research their products before making a purchase. In fact, 91% of customers say that reading positive reviews makes them more likely to buy a product.

Therefore, increasing the number of reviews for your brand (especially positive ones) can increase your sales. Trustpilot makes it easy for you. Once you have created a business account, you can ask your customers for comment.

You also have the option of automating this process and sending an invitation email when the customer completes the purchase. It’s an easy and efficient way to grow your business.

It is also wise to respond to the negative reviews of Trustpilot. However, avoid blaming or blaming your customers. Rather, it takes a beneficial and apologetic approach. Customers value transparency and bad reviews become more tolerant if they try to fix it responsibly for bad experiences. Finally, we recommend incorporating a Trustpilot review into your website. It serves as a social proof to establish the legitimacy of your business. Visitors will probably find the same more comfortable when they make sure that others have successfully purchased the product from you.


Like many third-party review sites, Trustpilot is an important resource for consumers. You can review reviews of products, services, or brands that you are interested in to determine if you need to continue your purchase.

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