Although WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems. WordPress is the most common website builder which millions of people are using at the present time. However, it is much popular but still, a lot of people are confused about the difference between and Therefore, we have brought this article so that you can understand the difference between and

Difference between and

Although, WordPress is the most common and free source website building software. But when you will write WordPress in Google then there will occur two results. For the people who are new to this, it would be difficult to understand which one is better for them. So, understanding the basic differences between and seems like really necessary for everyone.

Therefore, the following statements to describe the difference between and are better for you to know.

1.    Website Hosting

If you have decided to use then you must know that you need hosting to host it. You have to buy your hosting services to run your website based on Although is self-hosted service but it provides amazing flexibility to its users. 

Furthermore, for is a blogging platform. Therefore, you just have to sign-up to and can get an account to start your website. For this, you do not have to get your own hosting provider.

2.    Domain name

As you know that Domain name is a source to recognize your website in the online world. Therefore, you must know about the difference of domain names for both services. For you can get a custom domain name as per your needs. In contrast for, the site extension will always come in the domain name. For example, for your domain name, it will appear like

3.    Themes and Plugins

For, the user does not have to worry about plugin installation because every site comes with preloaded plugin plans. Similarly, when it comes to themes installation you can install free premade themes which are available for

While for user is independent to install the themes from any resource. You can also customize the themes according to your needs. When we talk about, the user is free to add plugins in their websites. As it is a self-hosted solution, therefore, you have full independence to use resources on

When you should prefer to use or

If you need a free platform to get a better start then can be a better option for you. For the reason that it is free to use and you do not have to buy hosting services.

On the other hand, if you want a flexible solution to use with full independence then is better. It is because offers limited flexibility options. So, if you are looking for a platform to use for long run go with You can also monetize your website to earn passive income with ease.